Are You Having A Hard Time Changing A Behavior? Wanna fix it?

Let’s discuss “Fixing the Cause not the Symptom”

In Josh Kaufmans book “The Personal MBA” – he mentions a term called “Guiding Structure” which says..

“Changing the structure of our environment is the largest determinant of our behavior. If we want to successfully change a behavior, we shouldn’t attack the behavior directly.. Instead, we can change the structure that influences or supports the behavior – which will cause the behavior to change automatically. Fix the CAUSE not the Symptom.”

For example, I’ve disconnected my cable to force me to read more, work on personal projects and experience the great things life has to offer.

In this case the behavior was “laying around watching TV” .. The structure change was “eliminating the DirectTV service”.. The bonus was.. “I saved money and I will grow as a result of my change” .. Win Win.

Another example is.. If you’re having a hard time snacking late a night.. Don’t buy the snacks that you would eat late at night.. Make it harder to perform the behavior.

Ask yourself what behaviors could you apply to principle to?

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