6 Steps to Kill Distractions and Increase Productivity

Everyone has come face to face with distractions, you are not alone. We overcome these distractions, by implementing Strategies for success.

Remember Growth is a process not an Event. To Change you don’t have to Grow, but to Grow.. YOU MUST CHANGE.

I’ve outlined 6 steps to help you through the Growth process below

1. Manage your Cellphone
Communicate to your friends, family and loved ones that you won’t be available for a while (no need to go into details – it will further complicate things). A simple.. I have to take knock out my goals for today will do.

2. Control Social Media access
Option 1 – Move the social media apps to a screen far away from your home screen. Having them on your home screen is a no no.
Option 2 – Move the apps into a folder called ‘distractions’
Option 3 – Turn off your data and WiFi in the settings causing the notifications and pop-ups to automatically stop. However, you’ll still be able to receive calls in an emergency.
Option 4 – Delete ALL social media apps from your phone (the re-installation process is enough to make you think twice)
Option 5 – Turn off your phone (the best method)

3. Sit at a table or find a table of desk improve 
Your productivity will dramatically improve – if you sit at a desk or table. Laying in your bed, lounging on the couch or leaning on your mate isn’t going to cut it. Sit at the table or desk and focus on the tasks at hand. If you’re trying to get work done in an environment you associate with sleep or relaxation, forget about being productive.

4. Listen to Music
UNLESS that means you would need to use your phone! But, If you have another device that you can listen to music with, check out the stations below. They will set your mind at ease – which will help you focus.
– Calm Mediation Radio
– Classical Solo Piano Radio

5. Create 3 Small Manageable Goals and complete them before going to bed today
Prioritize them according to importance NOT size. Doing important things first will always make the biggest impact. Remember, what matters the most – should never fall victim to what matters the least!

6. Once your begin working on your Goals – DO NOT STOP
If you mind begins to drift.. stop.. tell yourself.. “I am Winner.. I am a Leader.. I will the best version of me.. I will complete my goals and nothing will stop me.” Repeat that 5 times. Each time with a little more energy. This works because your mind can only focus on one thing at a time, therefore programming your brain with this statement – forces you to stay focused.

The bottom line is people who are serious about success and improving their quality of life must sacrifice.

What don’t successful people like to do?
Answer: The same things unsuccessful people don’t like to do, except they do because they know the risk of not doing them.

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  1. I did this today and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much time I have left to do my feminine playful things like get my nails done, and buy a new birthday outfit. All guilt free because my goals for today are all done 🙂
    Thanks for this list, it’s on the home screen of my iPhone so I can refer to it when I need support.

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